Debt Warehousing

Debt Warehousing 

The updated statistics published show that, as at the end of January 2022, almost 105,000 businesses were availing of the Debt Warehousing Scheme in respect of over €3 billion in tax debts.  Businesses that are fully up-to-date with their tax returns should by now have received a Revenue Notice outlining the total tax debt warehoused to date for the business. This will be broken down by tax head, period and the amount of debt warehoused. The Notice also advises that Revenue will contact the business to discuss terms for paying the warehoused debt. For taxpayers who have any returns outstanding, the notices will outline the outstanding returns (by tax type, period, and due date) which must be filed in order to quantify the total warehoused debt and to benefit fully from the scheme. Otherwise, the benefits of the scheme may be lost i.e., debt will become payable immediately and the reduced 0 and 3 percent interest rates will be unavailable. Link to Revenue guidance is here.

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